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Summit Agenda:


Opening Presentation

ACT 1 - Mindset Track

  • Bringing Happiness To Your Purposeful Pivot | Brooklyn Dicent
  • Mind & Body Connection During Life Transitions | Tammy Wise
  • Sustainable Habits, Manifestation, & Perfectionism | Christine Bar Noël
  • Kicking Fear To The Curb In Your Pivot | Janice Angela Burt

Intermission Activity

  • Azul - Guided Movement With Cherie Atchison

ACT 2 - Discovery Track

  • Marketing Yourself In New Beginnings | Rachel Withers
  • Inventions, Patents, and Business Ideas | Rachel Vicknair
  • From Performer To Writer - How To Sell Your stories | Amber Petty

LIVE Speaker Panel - Replay

LIVE Q&A With Vaughan Liddicoat - Replay

ACT 2 - Purpose Track

  • 5 Step Framework For Pivoting Your Career | Victoria Hines
  • Going From Passion To Profit | Vaughan Liddicoat
  • Your Performance Background Is Your Secret Sauce | Barry Friedman

Finale Workshop - Your Passion Blueprint

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